I was asked to develop concepts for two perfume bottles for the masstige/middle market segment for 25 to 40 year olds. The design should be original, unique and eye-catching, which then can be developed into a recognizable factor for the brand. 


Because perfume is a very fashion sensitive product, I started to research the trends and develop concept moodboards for style, shape, colour and position. After setting out three concepts which could each go well for the male as for the female version while maintaining a recognizable harmony and identity, I started sketching and basic 3D modelling. 

The chosen concept was the Capsule concept. Where the male version contains 90ml and the female version 75ml. The shape of the female bottle still allows it to be the same size as the male version, which works great for shop presentation.

Freelance product designer Eefje Sandmann perfume bottle design

The other concepts: