Focussed on creating beautiful products and added value, I offer a wide range of services.

Check out the list of services below.


A well thought through design can bring your brand and vision to life. I’m specialized in lifestyle products, consumer goods and consumer electronics.

Good design is often the deciding factor in the success of a product and good design comes from understanding. What are the needs from the consumer, the needs from the business and what are the possibilities and restrictions from the manufacturer? The goal is to create win-win outcomes where the needs and desires of the consumer are translated into feasible designs that can be engineered and efficiently manufactured.

Product usability and a great understanding of the user and the market is critical in this process. Products are getting more and more complex, yet users are expecting more simplicity and ease of use.

I use design thinking methods, sketching, 3D modelling, artist impressions and prototyping to create or improve the look of your product. You will receive beautiful renders and the CAD models to start production.


A specialized area of design that focuses on color, material and finish development. This involves trend research, materials and processes R&D, strategy and lots of creative thinking.

Users will sense even that which they think they cannot see. The colour, material and finish of a product can make a huge difference and the consumer will form their expectations and experience because of it. Is a product cheap? Expensive? Smart? Intuitive? Warm? Cold? Easy to use or complex? High tech or low tech?

During the CMF design process, we often also plan the identity of entire ranges of products for a brand. This makes it possible to develop a colour palette and a colour application strategy to ensure a unique but coordinated identity for the products and a portfolio range build-up.


The design and development of soft consumer products, like bags and back packs, pouches, performance apparel, wearables, infant products and medical applications.

Many products contain soft or textile materials. Compared to materials like plastics or metals, designing and producing these is a whole different ball game. Textiles and non-wovens offer great benefits and added value to your products but also require specific constructions and manufacturing processes.

I have a vast experience in soft goods product development to offer you and I have often led the entire process from design and choosing and sourcing materials to the construction of the products, guiding manufacturing and sample and production control.


Your design strategy defines which promises you make and which personality your brand conveys. what value is your company providing to your customers? We clarify a direction together and build towards your brand goals.

Who are you as a brand, who are your customers and what relationship do you want between them and your business? I research the world of your users and the things that motivates them. What do people find important when ironing their clothes? Or what do they need most during their business travels? Do these needs differ between geographical regions?

I translate and visualize these key insights into information that you can use immediately for your brand, so you know which design language, usability and positioning fits best with both the identity of your company and the existing and growing expectations from the market.

Developing a roadmap can be a great tool to leverage the current values of your brand and products, improve performance in the current product lifecycle and beyond, set out the steps to fulfill client needs that we have discovered and create a planning to incorporate new or better technologies and relevant emerging trends.


We start from the client’s problem or idea and create the initial big picture. We generate ideas, creative concepts and direction. 

Starting with your product or brand vision, I work with you to identify the target user and explore product concepts and potential solutions. We explore variations of form, internal component layout, materials, user touch points, graphics placement and any other product features. We will also explore function, usability, cost, reliability, shape and colour. We find and test possible solutions and create a proof of concept. This means your formless idea gets developed into a concept which then can be turned into realisable products.

I also host brainstorm, co-create and innovation workshops. This is where the imagination can run free to come up with new and creative ideas.


The world never stops evolving. By analysing lifestyle trends, consumer trends and aesthetic trends, we can identify new opportunities and ideas for concepts or products.

How will the gender-fluid generation impact the fashion and beauty industry? How far is the consumer electronics market in embracing recycled materials? How will new innovations enrich our interactions and emotional connection with technical products?

You want to create products your consumer will want. Major consumer behavior trends have a profound effect on our lifestyles and attitudes and vice versa. Through trend research I analyse the evolution of society and signals of consumer tastes to come. I spot patterns, analyse consumer data and aesthetic trends. I create a clear view and visual representation on the identities and behaviours of tomorrows consumers.

The result is an unbiased and analytical perspective on what’s trending. These insights can then be used as a resource for strategies and better targeted products. By staying ahead and informed, your businesses stays relevant and you can find your next growth opportunities.


Design and development of commercial fashion. Trend research, moodboards, collection concepts, art-work and prints, accessories and trimmings, patterns and size charts, technical drawings and stylesheets or tech-packs.

Developing and producing a fashion collection is an exhilarating and creative process. You’re putting together all the pieces of the puzzle to create something that fits your brand, and garments that people will feel proud to wear.

When you’re starting up a new collection or are having some trouble in certain parts of the process, you sometimes need a little help. After years of experience in the fashion industry I gained a lot of creative, technical and development knowledge which could be helpful to you.

I have experience in developing commercial ranges, sourcing, analyzing sales data and setting price points. I create colour cards, fits and shapes and define the appropriate material qualities. I design art-work like all-over prints and placement prints and can help you find the right printing techniques. This also goes for embroideries, badges, labels and hangtags. The technical drawings, size chart and detailed specification for stitching, trims and tapes are combined into stylesheets or tech-packs which gives the factory all the information to start the sample process.

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